Sunday, 9th August 2020

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Free Magazine Distribution

Free Magazine Distribution

As soon as each edition of Web Express Guide is distributed, it is collected by readers like there is no tomorrow.

It often happens that we do not even get a chance to place the magazine in its distribution point because people take them off our hands.

Of course this is great to be in such demand, it shows that readers really like what we produce, however being a popular magazine can at times work against us.

When our magazines disappear at this speed and others are left behind, it gives the appearance that we have not printed any while the others, which are left behind and eventually get thrown away, give the impression to have printed thousands of their things. Unfair, isn’t it?


Of course we are increasing the number of copies we produce and it is hoped you already noticed it last month, but we do cover a large area from Gibraltar to Calahonda and, as we distribute free of charge, distribution must be geared to advertising income.

In trying to put matters on a better footing we plan to be more discerning about the distribution locations, after all we are a high quality production aimed at a high quality consumer, so we have started appointing some new select “official” distribution points while doing away with some less suitable, thus replacing some of the locations at the lower end of the market.

If you have any problems getting a copy of our magazine, please do contact us and ask us for your nearest distribution point, alternatively we could send you a copy by post each month.

Do not forget you can always download a free copy of the current edition from the website!

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