Friday, 5th June 2020

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A taste of the Caribbean

A taste of the Caribbean

The taste of the Caribbean in Gibraltar- Pussser's Bar.

A successful restaurant is usually dependant on a successful concept. The concept needs to be different enough, yet on trend and not too far ahead of its time.

Th.y features also include, (budding restaurateurs take note); being priced within the market, being easily identifiable, being inspired and being location fitting. Pusser’s landing in ocean village ticks all these boxes.

The concept is the West Indies, though more Pirates of the Caribbean than Bob Marley and the wailers. First introduced in the British Virgin Islands, Pusser's  restaurants can be found in Annapolis, Munich and now Gibraltar and offer a "taste of the Caribbean" featuring innovative, high quality, reasonably priced, and freshly prepared ‘Caribbean cuisine’. Inverted commas are required here as the food is more Caribbean cuisine adapted for American tourists, but this all sits quite comfortably in today’s Americanised world.


The cuisine is a medley of brilliant colours, bold flavours and lush presentations, emphasizing fresh seafood, Pusser's Island Grill menu and regional entrée favourites, such as coconut encrusted tempura prawns and West Indian conch fritters.  It’s the newly introduced evening menu that really showcases this vibrancy, the surf and turf is a kaleidoscope of flavours and texture, and the salmon tower, with citrus bbq sauce and mango relish is a confident and ballsy dish, letting you know the kitchen must be headed by considerable experience.   

The restaurant takes its name from Pusser’s Rum, first served on board British Royal Navy Ships in 1650 and recently named by Forbes Magazine as one of the ten best rums in the world. And the name “Pusser’s”? Just a corruption of the word “Purser,” the person in charge of the ship’s stock in the Royal Navy. It’s all about the rum, with a  rum based cocktail menu, all great tasting with slightly naff names like ‘Jamaican me crazy’ all adding to the fun.

Set in the stylish new Ocean Village complex, the restaurant is the latest venture of Andre de Barr, a catering powerhouse in Gibraltar, whose name alone seems to be a seal of approval. With its beautiful and relaxed setting, good service and vibrant food, Pussers Landing does not disappoint.

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