Thursday, 28th May 2020

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Holiday Fashion: Quick Fixes

Holiday Fashion: Quick Fixes

Last minute holiday plans catch you with nothing to wear? you may already own something you can use!!!!

shoes,wraps,neckaces,handbags. Think about what you already own that has a little zip from beadwork. Skip head-to-toe glitz and go with accent pieces. Wear necklaces grouped together,crystal bracelets in jewel tones,or beaded mules, just make sure the outfit it accents is simple enough to show off your beaded wonders. Feeling crafty? make it yourself with the beadwork guide.
All things glittery are making a come back as disigners and stars take a shine to the festive look, so look in the far recesses of your closet for those neglected lurex (shimmery flecks of metallic) or lame is n1 color, with bronze and platinum metallics noy far behind.
Wear a lurex shell under a black jacket for a polished corporate look.try a sleeveless cowl neck with leather pants.pair a slim shimmering sweater with velvet drawstring pants.


Even if you only have five minutes to transform yourself into a goddess, you can use makeup you already own. Jush red lips,smoky eyes and shimmery face powder are three quick fixes.take a little more time and really accent every lash with mascara and apply flawless foundation with sponge.

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