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The meaning of Tantra

The meaning of Tantra

Whenever you mention the word ‘Tantra’ most people smile and recall the musician Sting and his ‘eight hour sex marathons’!!

Tantra is not just about sex – it is so much more than that! Tantra is an ancient philosophy originating from India, which believes that individuals should be able to appreciate their bodies and enjoy the sensations that being in touch with yourself brings. Tantra offers us all a way to tap into our inner energies, to heal ourselves, and others around us, and to become more connected and appreciative of the world we live in.

In today’s world, we spend most of our time in our minds – thinking about what we are doing, should be doing, have done and are about to do! Most of us are generally unaware of our bodies, they are there just to carry us around, but your body is more powerful than you know, and by allowing yourself to reconnect with the body in which you live, you can experience a sense of energy, awareness and well being.

Many of us carry around long held tensions bought about by past emotional traumas,  that lie buried deep in muscles which have been tense for so long, that they are almost unable to fully relax. This is known as ‘body armouringÂ’ - remember when you were a child – you were told to ‘be quiet, donÂ’t shoutÂ’ any temper tantrums may have been subdued, regardless of how frustrating it was. In adult life, how many times have you ‘gritted your teethÂ’ and absorbed your feelings of annoyance? All these repressed emotions can be stored in the body in the form of layers of tense muscles similar to the layers of an onionskin and we are not aware of the build up over the years. Much of this tension is stored in the abdomen, and pelvic area – giving rise to the phrase ‘up tight – or tight-arseÂ’. This can affect posture, leading to muscle strain and associated internal problems,  but also prevents the natural flow of energy through the body, leaving us feeling sluggish and slow.


Tantra can help to heal this ‘body armouring’ in a variety of ways that include movement, yoga, meditation, breathing and massage. Tantricas believe that touch is both natural and mutually beneficial and most people love to be touched, so massage is a wonderful way to connect with your body and start to unwind. Once you have experienced the feel of your energy, you can learn to tap into it, nurture it, and build upon it to give yourself a natural ‘high’. When you can do this for yourself, it gives you a sense of empowerment, confidence, and well being that radiates from you, having a positive effect on those around you.

At AstarteLife, we not only offer a range of massages, to men, women and couples, in our dedicated centre on the Costa del Sol, but we also offer group and individual workshops for those who want to discover how Tantra can change their life.  Starting in January 2009, we will be running a weekly introduction to Tantra workshop, covering a variety of aspects including Tantric rituals, conscious breathing work, meditation, and some basic massage strokes. The workshop is open to all, and you do not need a partner to take part. Many aspects of Tantra can be practised by individuals, couples or groups, young and old alike.

Tantra is about healing, not only our bodies but the relationship that we have with ourselves, those close to us, our bodies and our sexuality, leaving us feeling energised, and light of heart as well as healthy and happy.

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