Friday, 14th August 2020

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Itís cold! Watch out for rats and mice!

It’s cold! Watch out for rats and mice!

Now that the weather has got cold, it is not just us humans that want to wrap up warm for the winter.

The rat and mice population of the Costa are on the same wavelength and looking for a cosy place to see out the winter.

This is the time to make sure that sheds, garages, air vents etc are free of holes and gaps from where rodents can enter and establish a nest away from the elements.

We have already had a number of calls and in one particular case in one particular case rats had destroyed a very expensive three piece suite after entering a house via a gap around water pipes. The damage and general state of the room with the resultant excrement and urine was not a pretty sight. The owners had only been away for a month, but rats running wild in the house had caused devastation. Luckily the people had closed bedroom doors thus avoiding a total disaster throughout the property.


If you have not done so it is time to block out the entry points; never under estimate the size of a hole, a mouse will go through a hole the size of a Bic biro and a rat, slightly bigger.

Protect cables on terrace fridges, make sure that no rodents nest at the back around the motor, apart form anything else the nesting material can become a serious fire risk. If you start to see droppings about one centimetre long and cigar shape, then don’t try to smoke them, but call NPS to assess the situation and make a rat clearance plan for your property. Remember, rat urine contaminating your home and garden can be a killer, don’t let the pests get a hold on your property!

NPS can be contacted on 606 008 940 and Nigel will be pleased to advise you on all aspects of pest control here on the Costa.

Don’t forget, that as in all walks of life, pest control included, there are cowboys out there who are not registered with the appropriate authorities. Always ask to see the company’s registration certificate and Sanidad number. This guarantees that the products used are approved by the Junta de Andalucia and the operatives are qualified to use them.

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