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A True Argentine Restaurant

A True Argentine Restaurant

Argentine restaurants are perhaps nothing new these days.

The western world’s insatiable appetite for red meat has led to asados popping up and flourishing in all of Europe and North America’s trendiest cities. Every Argentine restaurant prides itself of the basic philosophy of provenance, meaning authenticity, assurance and rigorous attention in obtaining the finest quality ingredients at source. However, it seems that most Argentine restaurants, from Buenos Aires to Brighton, have adopted the modern approach to interior designing -chrome fittings and sharp edges, sometimes so clinical you are not sure whether you are sitting down for a meal or visiting a dentist.

Gauchos in Gibraltar (no relation to the Gauchos restaurant chain in London) bucks this trend, and is all the better for it. Its rustic charm, stone walls and soft lighting leave you feeling like you just tied up your horse and come in from an estancia on the pampas. The theme of the restaurant is definitely the cow, the cow skins bar stools are one of the fantastically quirky features.

Once inside, the open wood fire where the meat is cooked adds to the homely feel, yet one look at the pristine white table cloths and sparkling silverware lets you know that behind the quaintness lies assured professionalism. The attentive service adds to the friendly atmosphere. This is in part due to the size of the restaurant which seats around fifty, but none of the waiters ever leave you feeling as though you should be sitting upright.


The steaks are as to be expected, simply sublime. Cooked exactly to your liking, there is solomillo for those who like it rare and the churasco for those who like the texture of the fillet but prefer the meat more cooked. The rib eye and the T-bone all show a healthy appearance too. But what sets the menu apart from others is its attention to the side dishes, fish and vegetarian options. The fillet salmon is grilled with a delicious banana, mango and avocado sauce and the vegetable lasagne is good enough to tempt the most carnivorous away from the meat.

Gauchos blends effortlessly with its environment and culture, dining here offers you the rare experience of enjoying a fine repast inside the two hundred year old Casemates.

The impressive and extensive wine list consists mainly of Spanish wines from regions such as Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Rueda, all complementing the Argentine cuisine perfectly while the menu written in Spanglish is understandable to everyone and another example of how restaurant fuses with Gibraltar and Andalucia.

Gauchos is the brainchild and vision of Andres de Barr, you could say one of the better known names in catering on the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar, after reviving the fortunes of countless restaurants in Gibraltar, Gauchos is the application of all his skills to create a restaurant that caters precisely for what people want.

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