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Autumn 2008 & Winter 2009

Autumn 2008 & Winter 2009

Introduced by Katéa Hefferman & Cassandra Jo

A few rips and tears here and there is one thing, but jeans that look like your car spilled oil all over them and then got run over is quite another. ButÂ…thatÂ’s fashion! The 90Â’s look has found its way on the catwalks of Paris fashion week with an accent on dirty, black smears all over as the latest trend. 

The colour trend is very inspirational and in keeping with nature. Rusty leaves, inky midnight, sky blues, burnt earth tones and the depth of crushed red berries, backed by black and charcoals, are the leaders. Yet, the younger generations adopt the electrical blue as the new black along with shiny black, sparkly white and silver grey. Plaids are in.

As far as the look is concerned, the strong architectural coat silhouette is in: – Trapeze and ‘A’ lines, belted, origami folds, half sleeves.
The punkiness of some outfits in tartan is innovative and places the look in this autumn/winter “must have” category.  (pic. 4)
Kate Moss made a hit with her ‘Panther’ dress designed for Top Shop; apparently the stock of all her designs cleared in less than 15 minutes.

On the other hand, Vivienne Westwood made a hit at Earls Court with her Red Label Line. Actually it was an up to date collection of appealing outfits with just enough of her legendary outrage and body consciousness to give her clothes a kick. The African flavour of hooded dresses, hats, stripes and prints were followed by the plaid suit with flared peplum, the severely tailored jacket with origamied lapels and the tea dresses with fabrics draped round the hips and knotted at the front with a strong flavour of vintage Anglomania. 

Footwear is displaying a variety of new trends for the colder months ranging from inspired finger boots to square toe and heels, to sexed-up Mary-Janes and exotic reptile skins. High chunky platforms are back! Long leather boots for winter are favoured in dark green, burnt orange, woody brown and autumn red, in both waterproof leather and suede. The very, very new look are long boots with platforms.


Less jewellery but boldly visible inspires chunky cocktail rings, stones in bright deep colours and the more exotic the better. Big brooches or pendants with animals or ethnic designs in turquoise against gold are certainly favoured. Including bangles and cuffs worn at the wrists or upper arms are all go even in silver, gold or wood shaped as serpents and other exotic animals. A trend that will follow on to next summer!

Crocodile leather bags in funky colours to match the colour trend are very much on the scene this winter. But the small bags in futuristic shapes like ovals, cylindrical and triangular are even good just to look at making these items very trendy and personal.

Extremely short, extremely sexual and extremely slick is the look in store for this winter’s Hair Styles. However, as a follow on from 2008, the ‘bob haircut’ is still favoured by many just as the long hair that lots love with that sexy feminine look as well as the ‘Mermaid’ look with wavy long hair and a side parting. It would appear that many celebrities are still favouring the ‘Milkmaid Braids’

For Makeup the hair styles are matched with purple eyes as the most favoured colour, this is seen in many of the collections presented. It looks good on all skin types and tones. This is followed by the smoky eyes look, but stronger and darker than ever before, which means that black eyeliner is a must. Gold, bronze, and yellow eye shadows are also in and naturally this needs strong coloured lipstick, therefore juicy lips in rich berry colours in red and bright pink are very popular.

Dark shaded glasses in black frames represent the final touch to the look, but the pinky, transparent plastic look with dark lenses is the most favoured by the ladies.  

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