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An Interview with the Mayoress of Manilva.

An Interview with the Mayoress of Manilva.

An interview with the Mayoress of Manilva and a Press Release by the P.P. (NB - We are simply reporting, we have little to do with politics)

We were hopeful to obtain an exclusive brief interview with Doña Antonia Muñoz, the Mayoress of Manilva and she seemed pleased to receive us to express some her views.

One of the first things she told us is that Manilva is not the only Council to raise the I.B.I. to a similar level as in this municipality; she then explained that she had some very good reasons for doing so.

“Her intention is not just to continue providing good quality community services such as cleanliness and waste disposal, which are expected, but she also considered it her duty to give priority to the improvements of the infrastructure as a whole for the benefit of all those who live in the municipality. ‘Did you know that quite a few homes still have no water? Never mind the inadequate drainage all over!’ she exclaimed. So the small price for the present services and all she is now actually doing to improve everyone’s life is indeed justified, bearable and adequate.”

What seemed to annoy her is the revenue lost by the Council through property owners not paying any I.B.I. at all when not registering their property adding that, this year alone, inspections have brought to light more than 10,000 unregistered properties.

Finally, she wanted us to report her comments to the effect that is not true she has not paid the council workers’ wages, what is outstanding is just the annual bonus which in her mind is not as pressing as some of the other debts, like the €2m owed for the new health centre and others to many small traders that need some cash to survive present economic climate.




On the 21st of October an extraordinary meeting was convened at Manilva’s Council Offices in order to debate in favour of a reduction of I.B.I. The Partido Popular had proposed to reduce the I.B.I. charge from its current .9% to a .75%.

Fco. Miguel Alvarez, the PP speaker put forward the arguments for the motion to request the I.B.I. reduction: “We have proven how many families have had difficulties in meeting the cost of this higher contribution”, adding that “the decision for the higher rate taken by the current local authority is outside the permitted economical parameters and that this will not resolve the financial council problems without finding additional measures anyway.

The PP also pointed out that furthermore at the next “catastral” revision which may take place in 2010, taxes will be increased yet again, “no local authority anywhere has increased its charges above the IPC (RPI), except here in Manilva”. It logically follows that at the time of revision taxes will increase further.

Unfortunately the move was voted against by the Manilva Authority represented by IU and ASM.
The PP comments that regrettably the current authority continues to act as they have taking into account only their own benefit and not that of the people.

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