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Tennis News

Some events taking place at the Club de Tenis & Padel Belair

1st Padel Mixed Competition Tennis at the Club de Tennis & Padel Belair.

Padel is assuming more and more importance on the Costa del Sol and even worldwide, this is why the Club de Tenis & Padel Belair are organizing and sponsoring a competition that will be starting on Friday evening the 10th of October and finish at midday on Sunday the 12th of October.
The Chambao Restaurant, Puma and Posh are also sponsoring to raise the €1000 in prizes and presents.
The event will close at about 3pm on the Sunday with the awards followed by a Grand Paella for all the competitors.


The Absolute Championship of Andalucia 2008

This is the most important Ladies and Mens event that takes place in Andalucia.
This year the championship will take place at the Club de Tenis & Padel Belair starting the 1st November (subject to final confirmation).

The Andalucia Tennis Championship is of such importance that it will also be transmitted on Canal 2 Andalucia.

The competition is divided into two phases:

  1. Previous Phase: Open to anyone willing to compete.
  2. Final Phase: made up of 32 players as follows:
    • 8 Provincial Champions
    • 18 of better ranked within the Andalucian Ranking.
    • 2 Invitacions
    • Semi-finalists from the Previous Phase.

The Padel & Tennis Club Belair has already hosted a Lumber of minnor competitions but also several important championships, such as:

  • Campeonato de Andalucía Alevin (sub12)
  • Campeonato de Andalucía de Veteranos (+35) 2007
  • Colaborador en la Copa de Naciones y en el Master Nacional Femenino de
    Tenis 2006 y 2007

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