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The WXPG food review: Ramos - Sabinillas

The WXPG food review: Ramos - Sabinillas

Ramos, Calle Duquesa de Arcos, Sabinillas – Tel 952 890 216 Current Opening Hours: Every Day from 13:30 to 16:00 & 20:00 to 23.30

The food reviews are not advertisements. We pay for the meal then we comment and give points as honestly as we can for the benefit of readers. The points relate to quality and price according to the standard of the restaurant.  We try to avoid bad reports so we visit only restaurants which we believe are worth reporting on.

*Key: Price: L - Dress Code: CC

*FBA = First Bite Appeal
*Price Code (excl. drinks):
L = 15 - 30 Euros
M = 30 - 60 Euros
H = 50 – 100+ Euros
*Dress Code:
CC = Casual Comfortable
SC = Smart Casual
F = Formal

There are many good Spanish fish restaurants about, but most seem to be aimed at the tourists, therefore overpriced and not always that good anyway. So when you come across one that is good and good value for money, it is worth making a note of it.  Ramos is one of these and it happened to be right under our nose all of this time. One day we were looking for a quick cheap snack so we dropped in and to our surprise we ended up having a really nice meal and good value it was too.    
The staff
Casual, friendly and typically Spanish! Well what else would you expect, in a Spanish restaurant? But the service is good and attentive

The restaurant is located in the centre of Sabinillas, this is why one needs to know about it, otherwise you might not notice it. Once inside, itÂ’s like walking into the “Tardis” and it transforms into a very welcoming and most inviting fish restaurant.  The display of fresh fish that you can choose from is brought in twice daily, and if that is not proof of freshness, I donÂ’t know what is.

The Menu
The main part of the menu is fish, but of course you do have starters, salads soups and even meat. It is well balanced and it gives an opportunity to try some properly made Spanish dishes.

Wine List
The wine list offers a selection of good Spanish wines backed by a well supplied ba at the other end of the restaurant.



Roast Peppers with Onion
Just as well we asked for it as a centre dish for both as it would have been a meal on its own. FBA - Really, really nice. Peeled roast red peppers and thinly sliced fresh onion rings garnished with olive oil and whatever else is traditionally Spanish. You really need to try it, I guarantee you will attempt to make it at home, but it wonÂ’t be the same. 
Team score – 10/10

Main Courses
You must try the fish, itÂ’s what the regulars come here for.
This arrived in a large oval serving dish; again it could have served two. FBA – The aroma on its own was enough to sharpen my appetite; I think I could identify almost all of the ingredients making up such an appealing mixture of smells. It is a plate you start to enjoy before eating and when you finally do, itÂ’s heaven. Use  some bread to dip in the juice!
Team score - 10/10

Sea bass
This was selected straight out of the fish display in the boat. We asked for it to be baked. FBA – Wow, what can I say? Again a meal for two! It looked absolutely delicious, and… it was. The meat was white, firm and cooked to perfection. It’s what you expect of fresh fish. No guarantee that sea bass will always be available, but the choice of fresh fish, shell fish, prawns and calamari is large enough to please anyone.
Team Score – 10/10

Not the strong department. The available choice is the pre-fab type in the freezer, just to sweeten you palate.
Team Score 5/10 

In conclusion, if you are looking for a really good fish meal at a reasonable price and in a reasonably good ambience, I thoroughly recommend Ramos, I have no doubt you will enjoy it and, comparing with other fish restaurants on the seafront, you will enjoy the bill even more. I would strongly suggest that you book your table because this restaurant is very busy and you never know when they are just unable to accommodate any more people. 

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