Sunday, 5th July 2020

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Taste Café & a classic “Tango”

Taste Café & a classic “Tango”

The Escuela de Arte Ecuestre in Estepona launches the newly opened "Taste Café" with a beautiful tango display.

In our November 2006 issue we made an introduction to the attractive lunch meals offered at the Escuela de Arte Ecuestre in Estepona. The high quality cuisine prepared by the Chef at €8 for three courses was really excellent value, unequalled anywhere on the coast.

Recently, however, some changes were made and the set 3 course meal has been discontinued, the ambience improved and the restaurant’s name changed to “Taste Café”.


The same Chef now presents a more refined and health orientated menu with less of a Spanish influence than before that make an excellent lunch at prices that are still extremely competitive. Of course you do not have to have lunch to sit at “Taste Café” and have a relaxed chat with your friends, sipping a cool drink and observing the riders practising in the arena.

The change was announced by the schoolÂ’s President, Mr. Thomas Shmutzer, at the official opening reception that took place a few weeks ago. One of the features at the reception was a spectacular display by a couple demonstrating how to dance a proper Tango. 

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