Tuesday, 7th July 2020
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Hair Myths

Hair Myths

Michelle Whiston exposes some of the old wives tales about hair.

Cutting your hair makes it grow stronger!
Not True.

Your hair is not a plant or grass where cutting stimulates growth.
Hair has naturally more volume at the roots so when it is cut shorter it appears to be thicker.

You can repair split ends!
You can’t.
The only way to get rid of them is to cut them off; you cannot treat a broken hair like a broken bone.
Some treatments just temporarily glue the ends but once the hair is washed or brushed it goes back.

Brushing your hair 100 strokes a day is good for the hair!
It’s not.
It pulls the hair out scratches the scalp and breaks it off.
A brush should be used for styling only, not as an exercise.

A cold rinse after shampooing closes the pores and adds shine to the hair!
Unless you are a masochist I can’t see the point to this. It can be invigorating, cold water constricts the capillaries which carry nutrients to the hair and pick up waste products and they need to be active and cold water does not make the hair shine any better.


Pull out a grey hair and you get 3 more!
I wish this was true I would have really thick hair by now.
What happens is you pull one out and it takes 3 months for another to grow by which time 2 others have grown next to it.

Head lice are found on dirty heads!
Dirty hair does not cause lice; they are just as likely to attach themselves to a clean head as a dirty one. If you do not wash your hair enough there is a chance of lice multiplying faster.
Lice also spread like wild fire in places where people mix in close proximity such as schools.

Bald men are more virile!
Not true.
This myth was probably instigated by bald men
Funnily enough bald men tend to have more body hair and hairy chest are linked with virility. Also it works in reverse; men with lots of head hair tend to lack hair on their bodies. Have an look next time your on the beach.

Grey hair is courser!
Grey hair may seem dryer but this is due to age. Hair goes grey at an age where the oil flow to the hair begins to be reduced which is confused with coarseness.
Grey hair also is finer in texture which is also due to the ageing process.

Colouring hair too much makes it fall out!
There is no scientific evidence to support this.
Sometimes it may appear so because we tend to colour hair at an age where hair tends to thin anyway.
Of course any chemical process reduces the hairs elasticity and increases the prospect of hair breakage, using conditioners help with this and regular cutting of the ends but it will not fall out from the roots.

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