Thursday, 4th June 2020

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Left or Right handed?

Not having played golf for several weeks, I do not have any recent reports to submit. Do I hear someone saying: "Thank God"?

However, having spoken to one of the teaching Pros working on the Costa, I will tell you the story he told me.
A chap went to see him on the driving range, at the golf course he was working on that day, and asked him if he gave private lessons.
Naturally he replied that he did and proceeded to tell him the times when he gave lessons as well as the cost of each hour of tuition. To this the man replied: "O.K. That's fine! Can I book a lesson for 9 o'clock on Wednesday morning?"

"Yes" was the reply, but just before leaving the would-be pupil said: "Nine o'clock then! But I may be late!"

Thursday morning came and the man was on the practice ground at 08.45. The lesson began. After the Pro had seen him swing a couple of times and hit the ball clean as a whistle down the fairway, he could tell he was a single figure golfer, but carried on giving him lessons. Lesson finished, the pupil asked if he could book another lesson for the following Thursday at 9 o'clock. Again the reply was a yes and, again, just as the man was leaving he said: "I might be late".

Thursday comes around and the man is on the practice ground at 8.45. The lesson begins, only this time the man is playing with some left handed clubs.


A little bewildered the Pro set him up and asked him to have a couple of practice swings, then asked him to tee up and hit the ball with his driver. This the man did, several times in fact, and every shot perfectly straight, down the middle, just like the Bing Crosby rendition many years ago, a very old golf song and you can hear it if you log on to Anyhow, back to our golfing story. By now the Pro become really curious and eventually could not resist asking the man why he was playing with left handed clubs this week.
 "When I am going to play golf in the morning" was his reply "as soon as I wake up, I look at my wife lying in bed and, if she is lying on her right side I always play right handed but if she is lying on her left side I pick up the left hand set of clubs and play with them. So the answer to your question is but very simple".

The Pro thought for a moment and came to the conclusion that this was the only answer he was going to get, and then he remembered something else: "Ah! But what about when your wife is not lying either right or left?"
"Well, that is when I am going to be late!" He replied.
Wishing you all a good next roundÂ… 

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