Saturday, 15th August 2020

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Home of Marbella’s ex- Mayor is to be auctioned.

Home of MarbellaÂ’s ex- Mayor is to be auctioned.

The property of Marisol Yagüe is to be auctioned by order of the Court.

The sale comes as part of the sentence which condemned her to pay more than 722,000 € for building reform work carried out to the property.

According to the auction documents, the property is worth more than 1.9 million Euros, although there is a mortgage in place and has another embargo in place on it.

The auction is set for the 23rd September. Any one interested in taking part in the auction should contact the Court (First Instance Court number 5 in Marbella) and supply a bank guarantee for a 30% deposit. Bids will be made in closed envelopes and the highest bid will, the minimum acceptable will be 70% of the estimated value.


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