Friday, 14th August 2020

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Fast Courier Delivery!

Fast Courier Delivery!

Why wait hours for the courier van to arrive when your documents or package can be there significantly sooner?

At last we have our first motorcycle courier company based in Sotogrande. Well, it does not really matter where it is, does it? After all it is intended to be a high speed delivery/collection service for the Costa.

No traffic holdups, no traffic jams because of accidents can now delay your urgent documents or package from reaching its destination fast. Just the service the Costa needed!

We are informed that the service, operated by experienced people with backgrounds in motorcycle courier logistical movement, is fully insured and is provided by a legal registered SC company.


The service from Cadiz, to include Gibraltar, all the way to Malaga, is aimed at providing an efficient, secure and rapid delivery service for all your documents, mail and packages up to 12.5 kilos in weight at a very competitive price; certainly faster and cheaper than any car or taxi.

The motorcycles are fitted with the latest Bluetooth technology so you speak directly to them and emails are replied to within a day or less.

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