Friday, 29th May 2020
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Why choose Dimplex Electric Fires?

Why choose Dimplex Electric Fires?

Dimplex is a long established brand name well known worldwide for its own distinct advantages...

Well known reputable brand

  1. Market leader in real flame effect
  2. The have won the awards for energy efficiency & design
  3. Ideal for Spanish living
  4. Flame effect can be run independently from heat with fully remote control
  5. Have options available to recess some models into a wall or existing fire place
  6. Wide range of models to suit all tastes and budgets
  7. Clean instant heat with no mess unlike gas and log fires
  8. Easy to install, can be positioned on any wall or in any room, just plug in a normal electric socket, unlike gas and log fires with flue restrictions
  9. Provides a fantastic focal point to a room, especially apartments living, adding value to the property.



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