Tuesday, 2nd June 2020
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Now you see it and now you don’t

Now you see it and now you donÂ’t

“Mirror Image”, the invisible TV technology.

The strides made by communication technology are truly staggering. I still remember the days when we were striving to purchase a black & white television set. We have certainly moved on in that short space of time. Colour TV was a major breakthrough, but that was not enough, we moved on to plasma and LCD changing completely the look of a TV screen and the look of the home for that matter.

Now you see it, now you donÂ’t. TV sets have become so thin that they can be hung on the wall like a picture frame.
So whatÂ’s next? Is it 3D TV? Is it 3D TV with no visible set that can be seen anywhere in the middle of a room?
The MIRROR IMAGE® LCD is certainly another step forward in that direction. It is best described as the engine that drives images through glass to deliver superb picture quality. It is so thin that it can be placed behind a crystal mirror transforming it to a mirror "powered by ad notam®, the German inventor, pioneer, and leader in the LCD Mirror TV industry, the combination of the ad notam® LCD and glass or mirror surface.

The combination of conventional glass or mirror surfaces with the sophistication of this monitor system, results in a fascinating and mesmerizing display adaptable to countless applications. You only become aware of it when it is turned on, the TV is no longer the centre point of a room and it can be in all and any room without interfering with the look and design of the décor, as long as a mirror or glass is included, it can be wall mounted, floor mounted and even integrated as part of the furniture; TV, Satellite channels, PC presentations and video games can now entertain you whatever you are doing wherever you are. Can you imagine watching the news while shaving in the bathroom?


No sightly cables, no visible switches or speakers, which are also part of the new technology and integrated behind the mirror or glass. Sealed and protected, it cannot be threatened by humidity, nor does it require ventilation.
Of course the technology does have a number of additional practical uses outside the home. The office, shops, shop windows, supermarkets, airports are all very suitable points of sale where the technology would seem to serve some useful commercial purposes, especially as points of sale

One minute you have a mirror, carved mirror with your logo, glass, coloured glass, etc. and the next it comes alive with the information you want people to be aware of.

Imagine the impact and effect of sitting at the hairdresser while your hair is being done and suddenlyÂ… there it is, you are compelled to watch whatever is in the mirror. In any case crowds are attracted by moving (talking) pictures and a free standing unit in the mall would certainly attract attention.

Whether entertaining, informative, or advertorial, MIRROR IMAGE® presents your communications on an engaging and cutting-edge platform. Use it to promote customer dialogue, to entertain your guests, or simply to sit back and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere MIRROR IMAGE® creates.

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