Friday, 14th August 2020

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Do we have 1m to burn?

Do we have 1€m to burn?

Burning money in Valencia & a note of welcome back to Don Ambiente

I have recently read on a paper that one statue destined to the traditional “Falla”, the bonfires in Valencia, costing just under €1m to make, was blown over by the recent winds. Then it is added that the statues blown by the wind were two.

For God’s sake, how many statues are there? I do not want to be a spoil sport, but considering the current economic climate that everyone is moaning about, even though the cost is met by privately raised funds, I think there might be a better use for the money other than burning it.

This raises the question about the bon fires on the coast on St. John’s night, where do the funds for that come from? Does anyone know?


Welcome to Don Ambiente
First of all we would like to give Don Ambiente a welcome back as an advertiser in Web Express Guide after a short period of rest.

As you probably know, Don Ambiente offer an excellent range of outdoor furniture that can be used indoor and at affordable prices. I understand that currently they may have some special offers at the Estepona showroom.

Home & Garden Furniture Costa del Sol
Eden Garden Centre, N340 Km 159, Rio Padron s/n, 29680
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Home & Garden Furniture Costa del Sol

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