Saturday, 11th July 2020

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Lets drag it out again!

Lets drag it out again!

I have to be truthful about my comments when I write, to be believed it is important to make a difference between advertising and an honest commentary, however it gives me no real pleasure when in some cases criticism is not too flattering.

It would seem that the article about the Birdcage in San Pedro, back in the September issue of Web Express Guide struck a chord with the result that we have been invited to re-visit and witness the major changes that have taken place since.
Of course I have accepted and quite frankly I am very glad I did so because I now need to take back everything that was said in my previous article and start again.

Stone the crows! A stage! There is a stage now! It’s the first thing I noticed and yes, the tables have been reset to give more space and comfort to diners. These two elements alone have made a major improvement to the warmth and atmosphere of the restaurant. Now it looks and feels like a Cabaret Restaurant, which is what it is supposed to be.

The cost is still €35 for a set 4-course meal to include the show, with drinks logically extra as before, the difference is that this time the meal is not just well prepared, well presented and very tasty it is also excellent value for money, leaving me with the feeling that it should have cost more.


The initial and delicious creamy pumpkin soup was followed by an unusual plate presentation combining courgettes, aubergines and a good portion of deep fried goat’s cheese, accompanied by an unusual red onion chutney that was a perfect match. The main course was a very appealing and generous, traditional roast beef and Yorkshire pudding accompanied by some rather specially prepared mashed potato, parsnips and assorted vegetables. The chocolate torte with the added ice-cream was just the finishing touch that I only just managed to put away. I am not sure what the house white wine was but it seems I made a good choice. What a difference from the last time!

As far as the shows are concerned, an improved Drag Artist show will still be performed on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, which are great fun particularly if you can manage to go as a group of people, the added bonus is the cabaret show which every Sunday will feature one of the finest artists of the Costa or visiting the Costa. For instance, on the Sunday when we attended, Helena Paul quite simply made the whole evening a pleasant and relaxed experience. She is a very talented lady with a strong and well controlled voice that can really master some of the best pieces of soul, jazz and blues.

The well known and very popular Stephen Lloyd-Morgan will also be performing there on the 9th of December followed, on the 16th December, by Frankie B the former lead singer of the 70’s group “Heatwave”.

If this isn’t a good night out, I’ll dress up in drag and do show for you myself!

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