Saturday, 11th July 2020

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“The Terrace” in Gibraltar

“The Terrace” in Gibraltar

This is a new Bar & Eatery just opened by the renowned local caterer, Andre De Barr, just at the side of “Gauchos”, the Argentinean restaurant.





What a terrific idea! This new bar/fast food restaurant is ideally located right in the centre of Gibraltar, just outside the city wall near Casemates Square. You can’t miss it, if you can see the big sign saying “WATERPORT CASEMATES” you can see The Terrace, just below it.

No need to queue, “The Terrace” can seat more than 100 persons and even though it may be in the open air, the very large umbrellas offer more than adequate protection on those rare occasions when it might rain.

“The Terrace” offers a welcome alternative to conventional restaurants and bars and it is an ideal meeting and eating place at any time of the day, starting with morning breakfast to include smoked salmon or just a fresh croissant with a choice of fillings, muffins, Danish Pastries and various other selections. Don’t forget to order coffee!


This is by no means the limit of what is on offer at very affordable prices because the menu contains a large selection of ‘food on the go’ such as baguettes, paninis, jacket potatoes, wraps, toasted sandwiches with an incredible choice of fillings or toppings.
Yes you can just have a salad in a variety of choices available but what about freshly made Barbeque on hot charcoals while you sip your beer? Not happy with that? Well then, what about some Real “Tandoori” meats, prepared on a real Tandoori oven by a real Tandoori Chef? I think this is rather hard to beat.

I have no hesitation in thinking that “The Terrace” will very quickly become a focal point where people will meet because of its convenient, easy to find, location or quite simply enjoy a vast variety “food on the go” in a pleasant environment at very affordable prices.

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