Friday, 3rd July 2020

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What is Bioresonance Therapy?

What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresonance Therapy is a safe, painless and holistic therapy. It was developed in Germany over 25 years ago and is now used by many hospitals & practitioners worldwide.

More and more information is now available about this therapy on the Internet; however the principle behind this process is one of detecting and correcting the frequency with which cells communicate with each other. Each cell and organ in the body emits a specific frequency but addictions, ill health, pollens and allergies can alter them.

A device called a BICOM 2000 picks up these frequencies, modifies them and returns them to the body and normalise energetic imbalances.

For example, a toxin such as nicotine, pollen etc, entering the body disturbs frequency patterns, which interferes with the body’s own regulatory powers and in turn impairs its normal functions.

The BICOM will read the disharmonic frequencies and transform them to harmonic frequencies, thus cancelling out any imbalance. Bioresonance therefore enhances the body’s own regulation and detoxification which is the single most important part of any healing method.

For many years this process has helped thousands of people throughout the world become addiction free, allergy/hay fever free and pain free as well as helping people to lose weight.

On 1st July 2007, England saw a smoking ban come into force for all public and commercial buildings. This is happening more and more in Spain now and, apart from the obvious health issues, smokers are beginning to feel outcasts. Bioresonance therapy can help to stop smoking and has an impressive 85% success rate. Aas mentioned, nicotine has a negative charge over the body and the BICOM 2000 reads this charge and sends the body a positive charge to cancel the negative frequency.
When you stop smoking nicotine is eliminated from the body within 4 days.


The energetic pattern of nicotine however, hangs around a lot longer and makes you crave for it but Bioresonance targets all the toxic ingredients (over 4000 in a single cigarette) and gives you a great detox as well as reducing the cravings. Even the heaviest smokers and weakest willed people have benefited from Bioresonance.

Bioresonance therapy has also been extremely effective in weight loss. Aa recent study, tried and tested in Germany, had a 100% success rate with patients reducing hunger pangs and feeling full more quickly. Cravings for sweet food almost disappeared completely, all had more energy and all lost weight.

Although no needles are used, the treatment involves using acupuncture points on the ear. There are as many as two hundred points on the outer ear and each point is named after areas of our anatomy, i.e. knees, hips, shoulders, liver, heart etc. The outer ear acts like a switchboard to the brain. Each ear acupoint, when treated, triggers electrical impulses via the brain to the specific area of the body that is being treated.

This painless, safe and effective treatment uses helps to dissolve hormone blockages and restore hormone balance. It also stimulates the metabolism, controls the thyroid and targets hunger/craving points. A special probe is used to touch these points and transfer electro magnetic energy necessary for weight loss.

So if you want to feel healthier, be free of tobacco, be in control of your weight or want to be rid of your allergies/hayfever, contact Carol the fully trained Bioresonance therapist contact Stop Smoking Spain.

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