Tuesday, 26th May 2020
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Dimplex, established in 1973, is a UK privately owned company to be proud of.

Dimplex, an international house-hold name, is the brand leader in electric space and water heating, offering a selection of nearly 400 products, the widest in the world, guaranteed to please most tastes.

The Group’s fundamental international policy is to build strong, vibrant and effective relationships with businesses that are expected to operate to the highest standards of efficiency, quality and ethics with a focus on clients’ needs.

There is nothing quite like the effect of a fire to make a home and create a feeling of comfort and cosiness and Dimplex electric products offers some distinct advantages to the Costa’s resident where, although we live in a warm climate, it can get fairly chilly in winter.


The problem with many forms of heating is that they create more heat than needed which lingers on for longer than required, making a room feel quite stuffy in this climate. With a Dimplex electric fire, you can turn the heat on or off at the flick of a switch.

Conventional open fires can be inconvenient and messy, whereas Dimplex open fires are clean, require no maintenance or cleaning and are easy to install. Be it a simple free standing fire, a contemporary wall mounted or recessed fire, or a complete modern and neat fire place, there is no need for flues, specially built chimneys or pipe work, all you need to do is choose your location in the house and simply “plug in”. It’s just as easy to change its location should you change your mind!

Dimplex fires are designed with saving energy and costs in mind. All Dimplex Optiflame® fires are 100% efficient at point of use, so no heat is wasted. The ‘flames’ can also be used independently of the heating, and you can enjoy the cosiness of the flames on those dark but mild evenings at a cost not exceeding running a couple of light bulbs. If your new home is fitted with solar energy panels then of course the argument does not even enter into it. One thing is certain, with the potential of “zero carbon” you could not get any greener.

With so many apartment blocks built and still being built on the Costa, Dimplex electric fires and suites offer a distinct advantage in the form of a focal point with low capital and installation cost to end consumers as well as property developers and builders. The installation speed and costs represent a real bonus for builders in particular.

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