Monday, 1st June 2020

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Abolish Christmas?

Abolish Christmas?

Let’s all celebrate Ramadan instead, and the hell with “God save the Queen”!

“Christmas should be ‘downgraded’ to help race relations” says Labour think tank. I think it’s more like Labour’s sceptic mental tank.

Actually I was thinking of going to Saudi Arabia and ask the King to downgrade Ramadan in order to appease Christians and show more tolerance and understanding of the Christian minority that works in or visits his country. However I had second thought and refrained from doing so when I was warned that my tongue might get cut off, or even worse, my head.

Have you ever heard such rubbish? After fighting 2 World Wars to defend our religion, beliefs, country and way of life we now have to give it away for sheer stupidity on the part of some half-witted persons. Bloody hypocrites, they are probably the ones with the dirty conscience trying to look good (probably after votes!) Can you hear it? I can! It is the rumbling in their graves of all who seemingly have died for nothing. Why should we not fly the Union Jack? Why should we fly other nations, flags?

Why should we end sectarian religious education? If we are Church of England or Catholic believers why would we want to follow classes in other religions? I think such practice used to be called heresy and people got burnt at the stake for it! Perhaps this is what should be done with Nick Pearce, the head of Public Policy at Downing Street for commissioning the report when he was director of the Institute of Public Policy Research, to be joined by the advisers Ben Rogers and Rick Muir for writing it.

If people of other races and religions are so insistent in wanting to live in the UK then they should learn to speak the language and respect our beliefs and traditions; certainly not the other way round. I am not stopping them believing in what they want to believe in and doing what they want to do in their own homes but I do object to people coming into my home and telling me what to do, especially people of my own kind who insist on betraying my beliefs. The last person who tried to impose his will, beliefs and power on to other countries was Hitler and what happened then?


No sir, I do not want to expunge Christmas from the calendar nor do I want nativity scenes to become a thing of the past. I want my kids to enjoy singing and listening to Christmas Carols just as I did when I was a child and my father and his father before him. I do not mind a multicultural community, it may be unavoidable these days nor do I mind foreign nationals doing what they think is best for them and maintaining their own beliefs but I do object to having them rammed down my throat. After all the foreign national only has to learn the British way so why are we expected to learn all of the other ways in our own country?

Foreign nationals who want to integrate into the U.S.A., the model multicultural society, are made to study the American ways, they have to pass an examination to qualify and are made to take an oath of allegiance. What do we do? We let all and sundry walk in and do as they please, house them and support them, give them legal aid to fight the fact they have no right to be here in the first place and after all that, we are supposed to avoid flying the flag, change our religion to theirs and let our children learn Urdu instead of English. To top it all up, we even let them join the Taliban to fight against our own soldiers and then let them come home (?) to Britain and go back on the social. In my book this is treason which under military law is punishable by death.

Most other nationals living in Britain would agree. I know that many share the above view publicly but not our politicians. The sooner the politicians understand this, the sooner I might get back to England as well as all the others who have also given up on their country very much for the same reasons.

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