Thursday, 4th June 2020

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Is it that cheap to fly?

Is it that cheap to fly?

Airlies accused of gross irregularities in their sales techniques.

A report produced by the European Commission with the cooperation of the competent departments in 15 different E.U. countries, accuses 50% of all the investigated airlines of gross irregularities and of confusing the consumers with lack of clarity on the internet about the true cost of a ticket or the conditions to be met to get the advertised prices.

Airlines have been given 4 months to January 2008 to present their case and to correct the deficiencies on their websites.
It was explained that the main irregularities discovered include tickets advertised as “free” when in reality it is not the case once you have to add the additional taxes and charges. Or in the case when tickets advertised for at 20 euros in reality exceed 100 euros when you add the surcharges, taxes, airport taxes and so on disclosed 5 pages further down the web page in question.

The only four web pages inspected that did not present any questionable information as for as consumer protection is concerned were those for Air Berlin, Atrapalo, Rumbo and Easyjet


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