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Various News & Websites of Interest

Various News & Websites of Interest

Just bits of news and novelty that may be of interest

Help is only a click away
Medical help is now only a mouse click away. Residents and visitors in Southern Spain now have access to the latest innovation in medical technology: An Internet guide and directory to doctors and other medical professionals. It is a result of the recent partnership between Capital Cities Spain and Marbellalife group (see below). is a comprehensive guide and directory for medicine and medical professionals on the Costa del Sol.
The site, the first in Spain to provide online consultations, charges members no more than 136 pts a minute.
A consultation form is filled in and then sent to an online doctor, initially a GP. You are guaranteed a reply to your questions within 24 hours.
Using this service you can get advice from qualified professionals from the leisure of your own home, without the need for appointments and the additional costs of time, travel and a common fee of at least 5000 pts.
This service will cost no more than 1000 pts a time. It is not prescription-based, but this is something we are looking into.
The site offers searchable directories for all doctors and clinics. From the information you provide they can discuss your symptoms and possible treatment.
Links are provided to all the best sites, with information and news on medically-related topics updated by the minute.
The site is also in German and Spanish, and offers a direct approach for visitors, residents and tourists.
It is also a great advertising medium for doctors and clinics, being hyper-linked from In March the Spanish capital sites, which are already receiving a substantial number of visits, come online.
For more information on advertising, providing online services, or content, please email or call (0034) 952.858.057.

The world’s in your living room
Capital Cities Spain, the Spanish market branch of the International Capital Group, has begun to make waves.
Its holding company,, is launching a network of interactive city guides around the world, built on the same lines as By May 2002 it will have up to 120 capital city.coms.
Internet surfers will be able to get up-to-date information on the world's most important cities.
The web sites will offer personalised chat-rooms with video-conferencing, classified advertising sections, city guides and reports, news headlines, travel and flight bookings, directories with search facilities, e-commerce, web cams, latest events and photo galleries. Each site eventually will be in five languages.
Capital Cities Spain SL has included the Marbellalife group and Versatile TV (a multimedia partnership in Southern Spain) in its venture to provide efficient and consistent growth in Spain.
The sites will be in Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona and ( the Spanish Capital Sites. receives 2500 visits daily and from March will be hyper-linked with the other four sites.
We are now offering businesses the opportunity to be a part of, the largest interactive information guide/directory in the south of Spain.

Spain does it right for entreprenuers
SPAIN is second only to the United Kingdom in a list of countries in Europe that encourage entrepreneurs, according to a new report, ‘Not just peanuts’, published by Growth Plus Europe and Arthur Andersen.
The report rated European countries in areas such as taxation, easy access to funding, labour laws, stock option regulations, bankruptcy laws, and tolerance for failure. Lagging behind Spain were Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Austria and Sweden were the least entrepreneur-friendly countries studied.
The report’s authors said Europe would flourish if legislation across the continent was harmonised and amended to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit.
Despite stories of workers abusing their Internet privileges, most employers are  tolerant of staff accessing the web for personal reasons.  In a recent survey by the Saratoga Institute in the US less than 5 per cent of the 244 companies polled said they were very concerned about staff using the net during working hours.

Net gains for the silver surfers
CPs are rocketing up the popularity list of retirement presents in the UK. This is reflected in the explosion of the number of older people going online. Silver surfers (50+ users) have increased by nearly 700,000 to 2,235,000 in the 12 months from December 1999. Children 14 and under, on the other hand, account for only 600,000 users.
Silver surfers are also spending longer on the Internet. The monthly figure is now 12.5 days, up 1.6 from 1999. A market survey in the UK has predicted that by 2005 3.2 million retired people will be online. In general older people will represent a big proportion of online shoppers and game players.
The Internet also helps increase the contact with their computer-literate grandchildren, particularly those backpacking their way round the world or living too far away for regular social contact.


All over the developed world people are demanding a greater say in the control of their health, and through the Internet they can achieve this by surfing medical sites that discuss a multitude of problems and the latest treatments for them. is one such site that provides articles that be understood by the layman, and enables the reader to be better prepared for visits to their GP.
Another health site is from the Homeopathic Educational Services. It includes an introduction to homeopathy, ailments and their treatment, the latest research, and a catalogue of books, tapes, medicines and software. The Introduction to Homeopathy includes a look at the interface between homeopathic and conventional medicine.
Tennis is on the crest of a wave with Spain’s triumph over Australia in the Davis Cup and Jennifer Capriati’s return, after drug problems,to somewhere near her potential by winning the Australian Open. And Boris Becker is still making the headlines … Enthusiasts of the game can keep up with the latest happenings, on and off the court, with the help of The Goddess of the Game, Chris Evert, talks about life after the tour.
 Rhino Records at describes itself as “a one-stop culture shop”. Rhino has a large jazz collection, and also features music from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, but it also brings out new releases such as the recent New Millennium Love Songs, Mascara & Monsters: The Best of Alice Cooper, and for the younger set the Teletubbies: Bedtime & Playtime Stories.
Experience is everything, so they say. But how do you know you will like an experience until you try it? Well
now you can, through which provides an online guide to the most sensational experiences in the UK and beyond. You can learn what it is like to be in the army, or swimming with great white pointer sharks. After that you can try the section under Peace & Harmony.

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