Wednesday, 27th May 2020
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Do you like Mangos?

Do you like Mangos?

Though it’s a tropical fruit, there is an abundance of Mangos available in the fruit shops here. Have you tried them?

One mango without peel contains 1.0 grams of protein and 3 grams of dietary fibre and they are delicious too!
Mango is native to Malaysia and India and it has been in cultivation in India for at least 4000years. In the nineteenth century traders introduced the fruit to the West Indies, Africa and South America. Arab merchants took it to Persia and Egypt. Now mangos are cultivated in large scale in different countries. 

Mangos are very nutritious and an excellent source of carotene as compared to other fruits. 100 gms of edible portion of the mango contain about 1990ug of beta-carotene (vitamin A), which is much higher than in other fruits.


The total carotenoids in mango increase with the stage of ripening.  Additionally both ripe and unripe are very good sources of vitamin C. Both vitamins A and C are anti oxidants and help to prevent free radical injury and thus reduce the risk of certain cancers. But… ripe mango provides 74kcal per 100 gms (mainly derived from fructose).

Buy unblemished fruit with no black marks on the skin. The best way to select is firm and aromatic fruit.

This delicious fruit is best eaten as a ripe fruit; however they also make an exotic addition to fruit salads and can be pureed to make sorbets and ice creams. Not to mention milk shakes, juices, jam, jelly and pickles. Small ripe mangoes can also be made into mouth-watering curries with the addition of coconut and buttermilk.

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