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Snoring – A Living Hell!

Snoring – A Living Hell!

Life is good, the climate is great, everything should be perfect, but Â… you are shattered because your partner snores all night.

Snoring is one of the most disruptive things that can happen to a couple. The snorer is usually blissfully unaware, but their partner is in a living hell. Every night their sleep is disturbed, often they end up either kicking their partner (or worse), in another room, or on the couch. When the morning comes they are worn out before the day even starts, leading to more arguing, more stress, or separate rooms just when you should be snuggled up together enjoying your life in Spain.

Snoring is caused by a constricted airway, when the back of your tongue closes up on your soft palate, so in order to breathe, air has to be forced through the gap, and resulting in the vibration we call snoring. This happens because when we are asleep, our lower jaw goes slack and our airway closes up. A bit of extra weight, a few drinks (as if!) or sleeping on your back and it just gets worse.

You could have expensive surgery to open your airway, or lose weight, but most of us donÂ’t fancy surgery and we suck at dieting, so a dental surgeon in Denmark has come up with a revolutionary new way to stop snoring, called the SnoreMender.


ItÂ’s is rather like a gum shield,  it holds your lower jaw a few millimetres forwards, keeping your airway open through the night, stopping the snoring.

Sounds a bit uncomfortable? Well, it takes a few nights to get used to, but most people find they adapt within a week or so, and after that its win, win. You get to sleep together again, your partner will get the sleep they deserve and you can both get back to enjoying life here in the sun.

Bottom line is that for about 80 Euros you can once again get the sleep you need. You can find out more on their web site, – and yes, they do ship to the Costa!

Sleep Well Enjoy Life Ltd.
12 Station Road, Eckington, S21 4FX
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Sleep Well Enjoy Life Ltd.

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This was very, very useful, as I was looking for some info on how to stop snoring. Awesome article!

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