Tuesday, 2nd March 2021

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Kids' Corner

Kids' Corner

Yes, our KidsÂ’ Corner is back! It had been missed but we intend to make up for it to children of ages, parents and teachers all of whom will find something useful for their purpose.

A very interesting site featuring Beatrix PotterÂ’s stories presented with hand drawn images as in a book. Alternatively, the stories can be saved and listened to in English, French, German and Japanese. The site also features the works of other well known children writers such as Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) and the Grimm Brothers. (5+)
Find out the truth about black holes. Discover the fierce force of gravity and pelt poor Jupiter with a comet! Whip up a batch of comets — without trashing the kitchen! If you are interested in discovering the secrets of space or if you want to help NASA in planning a Hubble Servicing Mission. This website is made just for you. Join the team!
The site represents 30 years of capturing film and computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms for education and medical research. It hosts over 4 million visitors a year. It is invaluable for both students as well as teachers. See for yourself!


If you are looking for basic chemistry information, this not just for kids, it's for everyone. We have information on matter, atoms, elements, periodic table, reactions and biochemistry. Try the site map and see all of the topics on the available or use the search function.

And for a bit of fun try this site. Loads of free online games guaranteed to keep you entertained for a while and when you think you have had enough, some of the link will lead you to even more fun. Funny video clips, stories and more links to more games and on and on. ItÂ’s cool, have fun! (7+)


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