Monday, 13th July 2020

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Would you really like to stop smoking?

Would you really like to stop smoking?

You could become a non smoker, painlessly within 1hr!

My father always told me that there is only one way to stop smoking and that is quite simply to stop. He was right of course and I did but I can assure you that from 80 cigs a day to nil, in one has been pure hell. I wish, oh how I wished there was an easier and painless way to do so.

Now there is. An article published in the Daily Telegraph on the 11th July 2005, states “In the past three years 10,000 people in Poland and Ireland have undergone the therapy, and, according to the Monadith centre, it has been 85 per cent effective after just one session. A further four per cent needed a second session, given free of charge”.

Developed in Germany, the bioresonance treatment is highly effective, painless, relaxing and 100% safe. As stated in the Daily Telegraph article the results are impressive and further confirmation of these was featured in a BBC News 24 report.

Smokers with a strong craving are asked to attend the bioresonance clinic, ten minutes into the treatment, their cravings have halved and by the end of the treatment, they have completely disappeared.


I wish I knew this was available; it would have saved me from months of craving and suffering. Bioresonance is a groundbreaking technology that works with the bodies own electromagnetic energy field, which is a mass of vibrating energy patterns. All cells, organs, bones, muscles and tissue vibrate at their own rate or frequency and in complete harmony and make up the Body’s Energy Field (BEF).

Essentially (if you can see your way through the science-speak) what the treatment aims to do, is to restore you to your previous state as an unadulterated non-smoker, thereby effectively removing nicotine cravings.

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