Thursday, 9th July 2020

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The Costa, where the Stars can still shine.

The Costa, where the Stars can still shine.

The Prickly Pair observe that as summer draws to an end we can look back with fond memories of sea, sand, sun and celebrities.

Summer parties, sitting out on warm summer evenings and spotting celebrities. Walking along the beach, romantic meals in fancy restaurants and spotting celebrities…

What is it about summer in Spain, well at least in this particular part of Spain that attracts so many sports and TV “has been” stars?

I could swear they have been rounded up and then unleashed around the area to be spotted and photographed at every theme party, restaurant, golf course and beach party going. Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great idea but may be next year could the round up be a bit more select?

For a start we had Paul Gascoigne, who made blabbing acceptable for football shirt wearing drunken men. Oh! And I think he played football for a while.

Then we had the PR supremo, Max Clifford, he was spotted more times than some of the bears in Selwo Safari Park. Well, I have been there at least twice and every time they were so far off that, for all I know, they could have been men dressed in bear costumes, also I am sure I heard that Wayne and Waynette, oops sorry, I mean Colleen, were spotted earlier this summer.

Then there’s the great man himself, the waistcoat wearing, charity junkie Maurice Boland. I once heard the star prize at a charity do was a guarantee that Maurice Boland would not turn up at any charity do’s or fund raising events for at least two months.

What about the bubbly, bouncy, fun loving, toe sucking Fergie? Once being married to a prince and fat, now famous for being the ex of a prince and slim. What is it about this part of Spain that attracts mainly has beens and B or even C listed celebrities?


It looks like after their fame has faded and after a stint in Big Brother, it’s on to Marbella. This makes me wonder which batch of famous people we shall be spotting next year. For instance, did I read that Max Clifford had a hand in making Shilpa Shetty famous for 5 minutes? Did I also read that may be the Bollywood star is rapidly losing her shine? So perhaps next year’s party circuit might be graced by the Bollywood beauty- ex Big Brother star. Or perhaps even the downward spiralling Amy Whingehouse, I mean Whinehouse. On second thoughts give her a couple of years; she seems to be still going strong even if it is as a p.sshead druggie.

What about Chris Tarrant? At the moment he’s holidaying in Capri with his new love. The chances are that he will probably end up just with his ex new love. I can just see it, “ex love of Chris Tarrant attends fashion show at Laguna Village or Puente Romano”.

Still, may be they are drawn to the Coast by the big man himself (Beefy). Yes the famous house-selling Ian Botham. I see he’s already drawn in ex football captain Alan Shearer and challenged him to a celebrity golf match.

Ex celebrities drawing in other ex celebrities is a somewhat strange behaviour. Did you ever see the film “Dawn of the dead”, where the zombies aimlessly roam along, picking up other zombies on the way to the Mall? In the same fashion, they seem to be drawn together and slowly make their way to Marbella and try to recapture the old days; days full of parties, laughter and photographers while they sort of remain famous while only the occasional flicker of light remains where once they shone, so they are drawn together and slowly make their way to Marbella in an attempt to recapture the old days; days full of parties, laughter and  photographers. Where else if not Marbella?

Still Luvvies, as long as there’s a Costa del Sol, you shall continue to shine for years to come, even if it’s just once a year!  

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