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Broken Nails Again!

Broken Nails Again!

“Ladies! We would all love to possess beautiful nails with the perfect shape and length that do not break every time you touch something”. Says Jane Beale.

But in this world of working, housework, looking after the kids and the general day to day running of things itÂ’s almost impossible to last a day without a chip here or a break there!

The obvious solution is to find a good nail technician and have some ‘falsies’ put on, but with names like “acrylic” and “gel” which ones do you choose?

Here are a few pointers to help decide which one suits you, but remember... always go to a qualified technician, preferably one who has been recommended.

Acrylic Nails are probably the most popular and strongest of all artificial types, and are available at most nail salons. The natural nails are firstly lightly roughened and then a liquid compound, a monomer, is applied followed by a polymer powder, which, when dried, forms an elongated nail that can be filed and shaped as desired.


As they grow, usually after about 2 weeks, they can be filled, which makes them quite easy to look after. If not applied properly they can look thick and unnatural, with a slight yellowing tinge, and  if they are not maintained there is always the possibility of fungal infection. They can be removed but it is advisable to have this done at a salon.

Gel Nails are the latest fad and are becoming increasingly popular. There is no combining of chemicals, instead a premixed odourless liquid chemical gel is applied which is then set under a UV lamp. The nails can then be shaped as desired and will have a shiny, clear, natural appearance, without any yellowing. They usually do not need to be filled in as much as acrylics and there should be less damage to your natural nails. They can be expensive to maintain and they cannot be removed chemically, they must be grown out.

If you donÂ’t fancy any of this, you can have ‘wrapsÂ’ which are used for nail extensions and strengthening the nail tips and also for repairing broken fingernails. Maintenance is the key to longer lasting artificial nails, but the main cause of nails breaking has to be when they are used for picking and pulling at things, like a tool, absolutely fa al! It  is recommended not to keep artificial nails for longer than 3 months.

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