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Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Parents often refer to the various aches and pains experienced by children as “growing pains” and see then as a normal part of childhood. But what exactly are these pains and should parents be concerned? Sharon Coleman Steiner, a British qualified Doctor of Chiropractic explains…

Surprisingly this phenomena is not related to actual bone growth spurts but are caused by postural and physical traumas experienced by normal healthy active children.

Physical traumas arise from activities such as horse riding, cycling, skate boarding, skiing, contact sports and the various bumps, bruises and falls which they incur.

Postural trauma may result from carrying heavy school bags, lounging around in soft chairs watching television, spending prolonged periods of time on the computer and sleeping on old or unsuitable beds (a childÂ’s back is supple and growing all the time, therefore a good mattress is essential).

Apart from the obvious bruising and pain, these seemingly minor injuries can cause muscle tension in related parts of the spine, leading to poor posture and loss of normal spinal motion. This in turn causes pressure on the nerves which branch from the spinal cord and can lead to a wide range of symptoms.


More specifically, there is a recognized medical condition also referred to as “growing pains”. This condition is characterized by a deep aching cramp-like pain in the calf or thigh, felt only at night. Again, most medical experts agree that this condition is not associated with bone growth; however a thorough medical examination is essential to rule out bone tumours and Rheumatic disease.

In the absence of serious disease, these cases respond well to chiropractic care as the problem is often due to abnormal movement of the sacro-iliac joint producing referred pain to the leg.

If your child has experienced any of the aforementioned traumas or conditions, you should take him or her to a qualified chiropractor who will be able to diagnose and treat any spinal or joint disorders that have occurred.

Your childÂ’s safety and comfort are of the utmost concern, thus chiropractors employ specialised paediatric techniques to gently re-align the spine and restore normal joint motion. Treatments are extremely safe and most children find them an enjoyable experience.

Anyone wishing to come in for an informal  10 minute chat with Dr Coleman may do so free of charge by calling one of the clinics  to arrange an appointment. Sharon Coleman Steiner, a British qualified Doctor of  Chiropractic, is available for appointments at  San Roque Healthcare on 956 613014 and Marbella – medical- and –dental on 952 813515.

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