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Real People: An Exemplary Couple!

Real People: An Exemplary Couple!

Game Room Marbella, based in Estepona, is a fast growing business run by a Mancunian couple Ian Kennedy and Fleur Harris, who have managed to fill a gap in the market, furnishing unused basements, out of vogue home gyms or any large space with stylish, up-to-date games equipment.

Back in March 2005 Fleur, who was already working in the property market back in the UK, was offered a job selling property in Benahavis, but 2 weeks before she was due to start the job fell through.

This was to be the beginning of a new venture for Fleur and Ian, as they both decided they still wanted to move to Spain but instead open a Games Room business of their own working together. Fleur’s parents have already been running their family business in Manchester supplying Games Room equipment for 30 years, and this has given her the experience and stability needed to run her own similar business.

Ian too felt very confident having worked for Fleur’s father for 3 years learning the industry, therefore together they decided to give it a whirl. After all, they could always go back to the UK if things didn’t work out!

Shortly after renting a house in Estepona they started selling Snooker and Pool Tables using brochures and samples from the back of their car. This took sheer determination, resulting, after 18  months and a lot of research, into opening their showroom in May 2006. As they pointed out, potential customers needed to see in advance what they were actually spending their money on, so this was the logical next step.

With the help and guidance of Fleur’s parents and using the same suppliers in the UK, they were soon up and running. Spanish life certainly suits them but it hasn’t been easy. They openly admit that heir Spanglish is excellent but they really do need to improve on  their Spanish, which is difficult with the business being so very time consuming. It’s a question of fitting it in. On the other hand they do know how to relax and this usually involves a good steak and a few drinks, not too many though as they both work 6 days a week.


Fleur’s taste in food does not really include Spanish cuisine,  preferring something closer to home, on the other hand Ian absolutely loves it. They both like their relaxing walks in the evening along the beach and visiting Chiringitos; when he’s able Ian, who is a keen biker, loves to ride out exploring the countryside. There is no way Fleur will get on the back, she finds the roads too frightening, so Ian is on his own there.

Having both come from the city they have had to adjust to a much slower pace of life and country style living, but they are always up for a challenge. They found the ex-pats have been of great help in supplying information and this helped them to settle down a lot more easily. The only one bad experience they had in their early days here came in the shape of neighbours who, on the outside seemed friendly enough, but in reality were actually con men.

They did point out that, just because some people are British, it does not mean they are your friends nor have anything in common with you.

In my book this is a couple one should learn from. They prove the point that anyone willing to come to the Costa with a genuinely needed product and be prepared to work, which is quite a normal thing to expect to have do, can reach success and heir goals. 

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