Saturday, 8th August 2020

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Disheartening yet true

Disheartening yet true

Some people just take us for granted! Says our director, Edwin Gladstone.

Yes we print a directory in our magazine but it is a fact that we also do get an average of 1,000 unique visitors entering our web site every day; therefore it stands to reason when we also say that many of our listed directory entries on line receive enquiries and orders via messages sent direct from our website.

Naturally, we can account for these in black and white! We are always working on ways to ensure that adverts in Web Express Guide are effective and monitored.

We also know that the number of clients that do contact such online listed directories in person, by phone or through the clients’ own websites, after seeing the entries in our directory, must be substantially more than those who do via our own website. It’s logical, but unfortunately so far it is impossible to monitor these.

Businesses can register on line and we do allow a period of free entry in our website directory at our discretion, these do not have any links and carry little information, however there is no mistaking when they receive business through that entry because the origin is clearly stated on the form they receive.


Would you believe it? Only once, just once in nearly 8 years, out of literally 1,000s of messages, someone has actually contacted us recently to acknowledge the fact and thank us. Isn’t this amazing?

Of course we do not expect paying advertisers to thank us every time they get a client, that is what they pay for, but we would have thought that those who receive a free gift could at least acknowledge the fact.

We are now making a particular exception of those companies that have received substantial business this way and still deny where it came from. In the first instance we contact them to give them, an opportunity to realize it, just in case they had not noticed and then, if they persist with their ignorance, we quite simply remove them altogether from our directory. That’s for sure, it is their loss.

If we did mention some of these by name, you would be surprised at their shamelessness! They are certainly not at all as professional as they would like us believe. We provide an honest, very competitively priced advertising service to businesses, we have proven its efficiency time and again, yet there are still some businesses about who just take us, and no doubt others, for granted.

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