Friday, 26th February 2021

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Kids Corner

Kids Corner

A selection of websites for kids of all ages

We found a fairly comprehensive and useful site for teenagers of both sexes. Loads and loads of information that is guaranteed to keep you interested for many hours on a regular basis. The A-Z  is very useful and even offers translations in various languages. Teenagers with problems can also get advice from the “boards” section on almost anything.  Try it and see!
The discovery of the first signs of life on Mars, 3.6 billion years ago. A single cell organism that could survive temperatures near water boiling point. Find out more about this and cloning, global warming, Recycling and almost any topic while discovering amazing, almost incredible, factual information that will surpise your own teacher.
Try - go for the archives., I thought it might be nice to start introducing some games sites. This is particularly useful because it also lets you download shockwave player totally free. You can try the games on line or also down load the Shockwave machine to store and play games off line. Try the gamespark and pick an on-line player to play with, it’s fun.


Search for music, bands, photos, and bags of other stuff on Of course, not forgetting to mention the downloads. News, fun and games, competitions . This site is loaded with plenty of fun. Uh! Oh! I fogot to mention the selection of clubbing sites on the net and the gigs. Yes a diary of gigs, where and when. Are we friends or what?
Let’s not forget the younger kids! This month we recommend “Yaba Daba Do” ? Remember? The little ones will be delighted to hear the many sounds of Bedrock City. The graphics pages are quite good to copy the images and even create wallpapers and backgrounds. On the other hand you might like to try out your digital camera and enter the photo competition. Have you ever been asked a question about the Flintsones and did not know the answer? You certainly will find the answers here. For the parents, play Black Jack with Freddie’s money or “Hang Freddie”, I enjoyed this myself.

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