Saturday, 26th September 2020

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A bit of surfing for you!

A bit of surfing for you!

A selection of various websites that may be of interest or just curious.

Have you ever thought of tracing the origins of your family name? Retracing the family tree is  an interesting and absorbing past time that can be full of surprises, you might even  discover that you have claims to a fortune. shows you how to do it and provides numerous sources of information and links that will help you reconstruct the history, step by step. is about the developments of a revolutionary anatomically neutral finger joint replacement for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. It states that the initial clinical experience of the knuckle joints has been excellent with improved flexion to  a near normal range and resulting improved function of the hand for daily activities.
When it comes to teeth, it could be a good idea to get a second opinion: one’s own. At , you might finds the answer you are looking for. Are dental implants safe? Why  it is important to replace missing teeth, Cosmetic Dentistry, Special Crowns, Disadvantages of Cosmetic Resin Bonding and a lot more useful information. Surprise your own dentist!


If you happen to be in London this spring, you may be interested to know that Show Of Hands (Steve Knightley & Phil Beer) will be performing at the Royal Albert Hall on the 7th April.  They caption is “English acoustic music from Britain’s foremost acoustic group”. Tickets and information (including audible interviews) are available through their Web site
Alzheimer Disease is a sad and most terrible affliction which penalises relatives even more than the afflicted. is a site that offers advice and also measures to prevent and slow down the process of dementia. You will find included various other subjects, in depth,  such as how to give up smoking, prostate problems, etc.

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