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Who is Wolly?

Who is Wolly?

This is the first portal dedicated to Marbella. is a web-site specializing in businesses and leisure available in the Marbella area, offering, both in English and Spanish, a variety of information that residents and visitors may wish to know about the city and its surroundings.

The span ranges from finding a dentist's phone number to locating the e-mail address of a particular Hotel, or to find out which plays are on at the theatres; the possibilities seem endless. They also specialize in Web design. To know more about the web-site, we have interviewed Wolly, possibly the strangest employee within

INTERVIEWER: Wolly, what prompted you to create a web-site about Marbella with this type of characteristics?

WOLLY: As stated on our Charter, aims to link the Marbella community with the growing Internet community, allowing Marbella to be better known worldwide through the web and, at the same time, offering Internet users a comprehensive tool for better locating the Marbella web businesses on the Net. Our main goal, when creating, was to be able to answer every
question a visitor could ask about Marbella.

INTERVIEWER: O.K. But what happens if a person looks for something quite specific, like a concert or a bullfight, for instance?

WOLLY: One of the different services we offer is a leisure guide, with a very useful search engine where you can find every cultural, artistic or sport event that will take place in Marbella area in the course of the following weeks. Any person or institution organizing this type of events, has access to the site and can become his own editor within the leisure guide,  free of charge. We want users to know of them. Should they not be able to do it, our staff will do it for them.

INTERVIEWER: There is always something that a resident or a visitor could be looking for and not find it. Do they have alternatives?

WOLLY: Yes, in such cases, we offer a personal service. We receive tons of enquiries through the e-mail every day asking us all sorts of things about Marbella and its surroundings and one of my jobs consists in replying to them as soon as possible. The wide variety
of questions is incredible, it ranges from “what is the weather like in November” to “asking if there is an Astronomy Association in Marbella”, or “how much does a double room costs at a particular hotel”.


INTERVIEWER: Wolly, besides this job, what else do you do in

WOLLY: Oops! This is a tricky question…In fact I'm the person with the most varied jobs within For instance, I'm the company’s mascot, the tourist guide and the public relations officer. I'm even the person who has to answer  questions to the Press. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who does any work in this place.

INTERVIEWER: Wolly, can you define the areas you refer to as the Marbella area and  Marbella surroundings?

WOLLY: In the beginning, the main objective of this web-site was the Marbella township, which includes places like San Pedro de Alcántara, Puerto Banus and Nueva Andalucia. However, we have later decided to extend our service to others surrounding towns next to or very close to Marbella like, for instance, Estepona, Manilva, Benahavis, Casares, Ojen, Istan, Fuengirola and Mijas-Costa. We refer to the whole of it as Marbella and surroundings.

INTERVIEWER: Wolly, I've noticed that, when looking at many of the listings, besides  the list of businesses located in the Marbella area, there is also another list of businesses at the bottom of the page under the heading “WO”L. What is this, exactly?

WOLLY: Alongside the Marbella business directory, we also offer another one, quite distinct, named WOL. This is an abbreviation that stands for “Way Of Life”. It consists of a directory of web- sites for businesses, brands, institutions and organizations, which have nothing to do with Marbella other than a connection with Marbella’s  way of life. For example, you can find in this section golf brand articles, every worldwide hotel chain, theme parks from all over the world, fashion designers,  car manufacturers...

INTERVIEWER: How much does it cost to be included in the directories?

WOLLY: It is absolutely free to join our directories. To be included you just have to fill the form available at the main page. at the moment there are more than 8.500 businesses and organizations listed in  the Marbella directory and over 2.500 WOL sites .

INTERVIEWER: It looks quite impressive. Do you offer any other services?

WOLLY: Yes, a full list of  of our services should include our forums, free Webmail, interactive street maps, transport timetables, local cinema information and of course our web design services, among others.

INTERVIEWER: Wolly, thank you very much for your cooperation. I wish you the best of  luck in your enterprise, and I hope I'll see you very soon again.

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