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Various News

A collection of various news of general interest


Dr. ANA CISNERO, SPECIALIST IN BIOLOGICAL AND ENERGETIC MEDICINE AND MEMBER OF THE ONCOLOGY SOCIETY OF BIOLOGICAL MEDICINE IN GERMANY, has set up practice in Marbella and Madrid. She claims that, her treatment, elimination of body toxins, perfected over the last ten years, rejuvenates the skin and other interior organs, resulting in a face lift without the need of surgery. Apparently this is the method used by the most avant-garde celebrities and the results can be noticed in just about a week. Certainly a lot less time than it takes for scars to heal. Her method also offers additional side benefits such as weight loss, resistance to allergies, a generally youthful appearance, improved optimism, healthy hair growth, cure of digestive problems and menstrual irregularities including premenstrual syndrom. See
Test & Rent Golf Sports Service S.L., a service company of a leading Swiss trading company, offer a distinctly unique service to Golfers: They will rent all the equipment that a golfer may need while staying on the Costa and they will deliver and collect to and from any hotel or golf course on the coast.. No more heavy luggage to carry across countries. Quite simply play and leave the rest to Test & Rent. The interesting thing is that the brands are also well known, which means that one can try them out before committing to an expense and then regret it.  Booking can be done on the Internet at - well worth a visit by all golfers
Curious but true! S.C.R.E.A.M. stands for Student Club of Realistic Effects, Animatronics and Make-up. It represents a network of students of all grades and ages, interested in special effects and pursuing a career in the industry. Information is shared about techniques, sites and of course it is a way to make contact within this peculiar industry.  It is a free site and you are invited to join:
Feet can and often do cause problems, especially with ageing. is quite comprehensive on the subject. You will find a long list of foot conditions and well illustrated explanations as well as advice in respect of cures. The advice also covers suitable footwear and the daily top stories cover particular ailments in depth. They can be contacted  for advice.


If you are planning a wedding, is an absolute must. It covers every aspect of a wedding, right down to tips how to find a photographers, how to choose a wedding ca how to plan a honey moon. It certainly takes the stress out of decision making. Oh, and how to choose and buy a diamond ring, avoiding the scams. Very useful.
The next time you feel a bit miserable or generally down, try It may cheer you with some jokes. You can either look up the jokes available or you can make a search for others. You can ask them to e-mail you a joke every day, if you so wish. If this works, it must be better than pick-me-ups from the local farmacia, and--cheaper.
If you have not seen a U.F.O. and you are still searching for one, look no further and check out some facts at::, they claim that they have seen them, and can show you videos and pictures. Try it for fun and if you can make anything out of the pictures do please let me know what to look for. There is no smoke without fire! But where’s the fire?
Did you know that the 11.9.67 was the day that audiences first saw “The Carol Burnett Show”? Find out about Actors and actresses, Shows (A-Z), Awards, TV writers, fan clubs, episodes guide, chat with other TV fans, Videos, basically anything to do with Tv and Radio productions. It is very interesting and a good source of info:

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