Wednesday, 8th July 2020
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Ten Good Reasons Why You Should Consume Biologcical products

1 - Consuming biological products means caring for our health.

The organic composition of products derived from conventional farming is subject to modification. According to the experts, the majority of cases of degenerative illnesses are due to alimentation.
 2 - Biological foods are balanced and perfectly designed for the needs of human consumption: they contain the nutrients, mineral salts and the adequate oligoelements. As they do not contain any artificial substances, they are correctly absorbed by the organism without altering its metabolic functions.
3 - Integral Cereals must by biologically cultivated. The toxic elements in conventional agricultural processes are derived from the synthetic products used and which accumulate on the surface.

4 - Biological foods maintain their authentic flavours and they do so for much longer because they follow their natural cycle without alteration.

5 - The use of biological products is a responsible choice that that can bring about changes in the activity of companies as well as governments and encourage more ethical criteria in the production of food (for example, refusing to consume food products supplied by multinationals involved in genetic changes).

6 - In using biological products we help with the conservation of energy because the production and preparation of such products make maximum use of recycling. It is estimated that it costs 10 calories to produce one calorie of non biological food.

7 - The biological products consumer contributes to the independence of the farmer and job creation within the farming industry, thus avoiding the social problem presented by rural exodus.

8 - Biological products favour bio-diversity. Conventional agro-industries attempt to increase production and returns while neglecting the destruction of the environment and the exhaustion of soils. This over production causes a fall in prices in farming products which one of the main reason for the poverty and desolation experienced by the poor countries in the production by poorer countries. The problem of world famine is not due to the lack of food which supposedly can be eradicated with genetic engineering but it is due to the wrong distribution, use and and production methods.
9 - Biological products are certainly not more expensive as far as the consumer is concerned because they provide the correct nutrition while preserving our health. Further more the content in nutrients per unit of weight is greater than that of conventional products with the result that we need to use less.
10 - In consuming biological products we actually help in preserving the environment from contamination of earth, water and air. In effect, biological farming promotes a series of techniques and methods of production to prevent the progressive erosion of the environment and to better the life and health of all.
A note from the Editor:
I do not know why it is necessary to so emphasise the obvious. I still remember the days when biological farming was the conventional method and as far as I am concerned it still is, anything else cannot be.
It is the wealth and greed of the few that poisons everyone else. It is time to stop this. Cows are vegetarian, they have always been so, they do not eat "offal". Doesn't anyone understand that? Or learn from the massive cost in human life value as well as financial? The day the human race changes from flesh and blood into metal and lubricating oil, than perhaps we should look at food sources again. 


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