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Sea Fishing on the Costa del Sol

Sea Fishing on the Costa del Sol

The coastline of Andalucia is very extensive, starting from the Portuguese border to Tarifa, facing the Atlantic and then from Tarifa reaching all the way east to the coast of Almería.

It goes without saying that fishing is therefore a very attractive sporting proposition. The Atlantic and Mediterranean shorelines are ideal for fishing.

You can quietly fish from shore or take a rowing boat not too far off shore. You can do some underwater fishing or you can go on a larger boat after the big game.

Many of the marinas provide everything required for a day of open sea fishing and you do not have to be an expert fisherman to enjoy this sport. No need to visit the fishmongers on the way home! Swordfish fishing is most spectacular and from July to September swordfish are found off the coasts of Almería, Granada and Málaga, as well as in the Bay of Cádiz.

Tuna swim so near the surface in the summer that they are actually visible and offer another exciting open sea fishing opportunity, as well as some 150 different types of shark. The most common tuna fishing grounds are Barbate, Zahara or Conil in Cádiz, and Isla Cristina in Huelva.

There is an abundance of mackerel, big toothed pampano, blue fish, sea bass and spotted bass on the Atlantic coast and bream, corvina, gilthead, grouper and leer fish all can be caught off the beach or just off shore, however the most commonly found species by beach casters are: Sardines, Brill, Red Mullet, Red Bream, Bream, Bass, flat fish, Grey Mullet and the ferocious Corvinas a great predator locally called "hook breaker".


True enthusiasts will compete for various trophies awarded by competitions organised throughout the summer. The World Coast Fishing Championships are held in Adra (Almería).


Amateurs can also try their luck and should enquire at their local marina.

A maritime recreational fishing licence (1st and 3rd Class) is required for fishing from the shore or from a boat near the coast. Once obtained it can also be used in other regions of Spain. It is obtainable form the offices of the 'Delegación Provincial de la Conserjeria de Agricultura y Pesca'. There is one office in each of the provincial capital cities.

Underwater fishing
This pastime is becoming increasingly popular but you will need a licence issued by the local authorities. You may use a snorkel tube, mask and mechanical harpoon gun but underwater fishing with skuba equipment is forbidden.

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