Tuesday, 26th May 2020
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Air Conditioning Break Down?

Air Conditioning Break Down?

At one time or another we all suffer from troublesome sleep, the most common complaint being the bedroom temperature, with constant rising temperatures during summer, we need to find ways of cooling down.

To get a good night’s sleep the body temperature needs to go down so when it is extremely hot and you do not have air conditioning (or during a power cut), the chances are you will not even be able to fall to sleep. The tossing and turning starts, which will make you even hotter, so the answer is to actually cool your body down long enough to be able to nod off. Here are a few tips on how to lower the temperature when the going gets hot!

  • Keep doors and windows open to help circulate the air throughout the room. If you are worried about insects, fix a net over the window.
  • Place a bag of ice in a container in front of a fan, either at the side or at the foot of the bed. The air will be noticeably cooler and by the time the ice melts hopefully you will have fallen to sleep.
  • Take a cool shower or bath and get into bed whilst you’re still damp. Alternatively splash cold water on your head, hands (especially your wrists) and feet. Veins are nearer the surface of the skin in these places and this will help cool down the flow of blood, thus cooling your body. Keep feet sticking out of the bed.


  • Wear a damp (not soaking wet) light cotton t-shirt. The evaporation will be cool you down. 
  • Fill a ´hot water bottle` with ice cold water and put it on your feet and ankles. This really works! Also fill a sock with rice and freeze it during the day. This is great for use as a compress or put it under your pillow so when you turn the pillow over it will be lovely and cold.
  • Always keep a cool glass of water by the bed, this will save you getting up to get one if you wake up, which will only heat you up even more.

Let’s hope that some of these tips work for you. Keep Cool!    

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