Wednesday, 8th July 2020
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Make up Meltdown

Make up Meltdown

This Summer itÂ’s time to put a stop to the makeup disasters which always happen every year however hard you seem to try.

With the evenings getting hotter it really would be nice not to have a face full of brown streaks and not to have your carefully applied eve shadow sliding half way down your cheeks after only being out for an hour!  Here are a few tips on how to have a flawless summer face and keep your cool when the going gets hot.

Firstly, always moisturise your face using an oil-free product, preferably one containing SPF (sun protection factor). Secondly always use a primer, this is a pre-makeup cream or gel used to help your makeup stay on longer. Keep this makeup in the fridge as, when applied, it will also help to reduce any puffiness and the cool sensation will invigorate your skin. Not only that, refrigeration will conserve your makeup for longer.


As foundation is very likely to melt it is advisable not to use one, but rather just use a primer and then a tinted moisturiser. However if you really feel the need for foundation, it is often better to blend your foundation with a tinted moisturiser making it not so heavy, also this blend is more likely to match your skin tone when skin is darker because of exposure to the sun. This will give you a more sheer and natural look than solely using foundation and your skin will breathe and glow. A powder foundation would be lighter and will help control greasiness, but if you can get away with it apply a tinted moisturiser on its own. Create your own by blending foundation with a moisturiser to give you the right shade.

If you need it, now apply concealer around your eyes and face covering any small blemishes or small imperfections you may find. The trick now is to apply pressed powder with a large powder brush and this will “set” your face ready for the rest of your makeup. Make sure you take this out with you in your bag as you will be able to blot your face occasionally to stop the shine.

Using oil controlled products if possible, apply eye shadow as normal, although not as heavy as you would use in the winter. Eye pencils should be waterproof and for cheeks and lips use liquid tints that stain your skin and therefore wonÂ’t melt.

Mascara should be waterproof as this is one of the biggest culprits of all! Only apply one or two coats to give a lighter, more feathery look which is far less likely to slip off and smudge.

Remember, practice make perfect!

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