Friday, 10th July 2020

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Donít shoot the Messenger!!!

Don’t shoot the Messenger!!!

Sharon Coleman Steiner, a British Doctor of Chiropractic at the San Roque Health Care Clinic in the Hotel San Roque, explains why we feel pain.

Chiropractic is an independent branch of medicine which specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the spine and joints.

A study carried out in 1990 by the Medical Research Council and published in the British Medical Journal, proved Chiropractic to be a more effective treatment for low back pain compared to conventional medical treatment.

Although half of all patients who consult a Chiropractor do so because of back pain, Chiropractors also treat pain felt in other parts of the body such as leg pain (sciatica) shoulder and arm pain, headaches, joint pain and sports injuries.

Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something has gone wrong, the general rule is that if something hurts when doing it, you don’t do it. Pain should not necessarily be considered as something negative, it is just a messenger. Therefore please do not kill the messenger just because it’s bringing some bad news.


Almost all diseases have pain as the main symptom. Chiropractors don’t concentrate solely on treating the symptoms but also on finding the underlying cause. Unfortunately pain killing medication is in too many cases the only treatment being used and is often the reason why some people walk around with back pain for such a long time.

If you use pain killers for lumbago, sciatica, joint pain, etc. and then continue doing your daily activities, this is like smashing the fire alarm and going back to bed. If nothing is done, the problem will often progress until the medicine no longer works and at some point you will then have to confront the problem.

Injuries managed with Chiropractic treatment within the first week of their appearance are seldom problematic but, if several months pass before treatment is started, then the treatments are more likely to be prolonged. It is worth bearing in mind the old saying ¬ďbetter late than ever¬Ē because in many cases the only other option available is surgery which should only be the last resort.

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