Tuesday, 7th April 2020

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Hellís Belles, Posh or not?

Hell’s Belles, Posh or not?

Well, surprise, surprise! Prince Williams has dumped Katie. And, who was to blame? Well, poor Katie’s mother, of course!

Now there is an excuse for hating your own mother! Can you imagine Katie coming home from a hard day’s shelf filling at Tesco, slumping on to the sofa, rubbing her swollen feet and blaming her mother for not being able to get married to the King of England?

Apparently it was all down to not being posh enough and chewing gum in public. If you are to be the future mother in law of a future king, apparently this is a no-no, it’s the same as being working class or using the word "toilet", although, if you pardon me, "I am just nipping to the bog" sounds a lot worse. Furthermore, if you happen to be an ex-stewardess, forget it! Although I thought that it would have been a plus, considering the amount of flying the British Royals do. No excuses for using tax payers’ money for her; she could put herself down as staff!

Next on the posh subject is the question as to who gave Victoria Beckham her posh label? I cannot believe it was the only label after the other three. Well, what I mean is that one admits publicly to be a lesbian, the other is clearly overweight and the third is of a different colour, so why not skinny spice? Oh no, of course her parents were the ones with the more money. But does that really make her posh?

It seems not, according to the television series Marbella Belles. Have you seen it? It’s certainly not doing the Costa’s image much good. Did the Marbella boutiques who took part really think they were doing themselves a favour? It just goes to prove that not all publicity is good publicity. It is not easy-come money that makes a person posh, better or more educated. Just look at some of these wives and even Peter Stringfellow.


Having said this, on the other hand being royal is not a guarantee of posh-ness either. Was it not Prince Charles who said that he wished he was a "Tampax"? How common! Come to think of it, if he really was, at least he would have a purpose and have a job at least once a month.

Now where did I read some tw.t spouting on about the real glamour of Marbella? About social butterflies of Marbella, glamorous, beautiful, popular, benefactors, on and on and on. What a load of crap! Since when was constantly appearing on social pages, looking like a Hungarian port hooker, glamorous? Still that’s nothing compared to the so called posh and beautiful people of Marbella who resemble trolls after so much plastic surgery. Who is writing this crap? Since when looking like a troll fashionable?

To me the society pages are far worse than any Marbella Belles program, for there is nothing worse than people with money pretending to be posh. In fact, when I flicked through the last social pages of a certain magazine, I thought they were reviewing the next Addams Family film.

To sum up, if you have no sense of fashion, if you are crude and rude, if you are unemployed, never reached a reasonable level of education, drink, get p¬Ö.d, fall over drunk outside clubs, are inbred, have various affairs, walk out on your kids, lie, cheat, bend rules, steal and are born royal, you are posh. If you are all the above but not royal you are common.

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