Friday, 10th July 2020

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Getting started to be healthy

Getting started to be healthy

Do you ever wonder why other can and you cannot start and most importantly stick to a fitness regime, no matter how much you really ant to? Andrea Booth gives us some advice on how to plan a healthier life.

How do you get over this and on to a fitter, healthier way of life that gym goers, Paddle tennis enthusiasts and Sunday cyclists to name but a few have already found. There is no secret; you hold all the answers you need. "They" have just as many demands as anyone else on their time and for as many reasons but "They don't" create or succumb to the self defeating pressures that can scupper their efforts; success in this area is more likely to be as a result of enjoyment and achievement than elusive and self-denying will power. 

Here are 5 pointers to getting started on a happier, healthier, hassle free fitness regime.
1. Who are You?
Attached or single, parent or not, shy or extrovert, team player or prefer your own company, like supervision or better left to your own devices. These are all elements of your personality and who you are that seriously affect the things you enjoy in your precious leisure time. Give them some thought.
2. How Busy Are your REALLY?
It may sound simple, but write it all down, make a timetable of your current obligations. Then you will have identified time that you can use for your fitness plan.


3. Be Honest with Yourself AND significant others 
a) Having identified your "real" free time, be honest about how much of that you want to spend working-out or playing a sport. Be   sensible, don't over commit in a flurry of enthusiasm.
b) having ear-marked this time for your fitness plans stick to it... Don't allow others to encroach on it. Make sure they understand your serious intentions about fitness plans and that you will not be available to them during those times. 

4. Set Realistic Goals 
Relate what you want to achieve in real life terms. Wanting to lose 3 stones in a month or run a marathon at the end of next month are clearly not so. Think about dropping a dress size in time for a wedding in the summer, taking part in a charity walk in a month 
time, having the confidence to enter the parents sack race at end of term.. Things you can control and monitor.
5. Chose for you… 
Don't follow the latest fashion, if it doesn't really interest you, it doesn't matter if everyone is doing it"... you're not "everyone".  This is about you...  Don't limit yourself to thinking in terms of going to the gym or class. You might prefer to learn a sport or join a team.

If you put all 5 steps together you will end up finding an activity that you really enjoy and look forward to slotting it easily into your current obligations. You will be rid of the pressures of getting to your activity on time or at all and the guilt of leaving other things undone. You will also be better equipped to deal with every other demand on your time.

You will be healthier, happier and less stressed. Money spent on a Personal Trainer or Sports professional at the outset is also never money wasted. It will save 100s of euros later on in wasted club/membership fees as your enthusiasm wanes, feeling unsure and floundering in front of the latest piece of mysterious gym equipment.

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