Tuesday, 7th July 2020
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Clarification on Residencias

Tarjetas de Residencia

Further to a telephone call received from one of our readers with regards to our article about residence in Spain in our previous edition, we feel the need to clarify the fact that there will be no more “Tarjeta de Residencia” issued, this has been stopped.

You can of course obtain a certificate to confirm the status of permanent residence. The N.I.E. number that is referred to in the article is not a proof of identity, which means that, in order to abide with Spanish Law, you must always carry your passport.

If you are worried about losing your passport, you could carry a copy of it and it will be accepted as proof of identity provided it has been validated. It may well opportune to mention that the N.I.E. number on its own is not sufficient proof of residence.


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