Tuesday, 7th July 2020

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Prepare for Summer

Prepare for Summer

There are many factors which have led to the influx of ex-pats to the Costa del Sol the existing infrastructure assists ´foreigners´ in settling into their new surroundings.

There is plenty on offer in the way of shops, bars, restaurants, cultural activities and historical centres to keep one occupied every day of the year.

Another huge influence is the easy access to and from Northern Europe. In the case of emergencies, this can be a crucial factor. Within a couple of hours, and for a minimal cost, most residents of the Costa del Sol can be quickly back to any major European city.
Finally, the area has seen enormous economic investment and growth, meaning an influx of people seeking a complete change of career and work environment. This has undoubtedly meant a diversity of age groups settling on the Costa del Sol, helping to create a dynamic work, leisure and property market.

But the way of life, generally, tends to be more fun-filled, less stressful... and certainly warmer than many will be familiar with!
After a cold, wet and humid winter one forgets very easily what the previous summer was like, in particular this year when, in the middle of April, the clouds are grey, laden with rain and the air is certainly on the cold side.

One thing is certain though, summer always comes in Spain. It never fails and, before you know it, it can get so hot that, unless you have prepared for it, you may start wishing it was winter again.

Have you forgotten what it was like last July and August? Do you remember reading 40Âş centigrade and plus in the shade? Of course it is fun, that is why we live here and why so many thousands visitors will visit these shores every year, however it is best to maximise oneÂ’s comfort and enjoyment and prepare before the arrival of summer. Why wait until the last minute and lose precious comfort time or even in some cases do without until the end of the season.


Air conditioning
A good air conditioning system is becoming essential as summers seem to get hotter. Make sure that your system is working well and is well charged before the heat arrives. If you don‘t have one, act now or the usual upsurge in demand at the last minute may mean missing the summer or buying the wrong thing because it is the only one available.

Swimming pool
Again have the pool serviced and checked out now. I know the weather is not very encouraging at the moment, but you certainly will be disappointed if the pool cannot be used when it is really needed.

There is nothing more satisfying than a good old BBQ in the garden or by the pool. Imagine a warm evening, a cold drink, friends or family relaxing. Would it not be nice if you actually had a BBQ? You can buy a portable one or have one built. Why not both and risk a nice BBQ (night) party on the beach?

Home & Garden
The best time to improve and service your home is now. You donÂ’t want workmen in and out of your home when it is time to enjoy summer, nor do you want to have any serious disruption when perhaps friends and family are visiting, so itÂ’s best to get shot of all the painting and renovation now. No doubt as soon as you change the colour of your walls, you will find that certain items of furniture need replacing and it is best done right away, not wait to get people off the sofa when the new one arrives. You will find a very good choice and selection at both Imperial Furniture and Finicci. DonÂ’t forget to have a good look at the sad looking garden furniture from last year.  

Contrary to belief, the kitchen is probably the most used room in the house. Whether you actually use it for cooking or not, I am sure you will agree that every one ends up in the kitchen, no matter what the occasion. Have a good look at it and if it shows you up to your husbandÂ’s bossÂ’s wife, now this is the time to pay a visit to Ilwa Kitchens and get Dirk Van Mol to design a kitchen that canÂ’t be easily matched.

Of course, you do not need a lot of clothes in summer, unless you go out for dinner or are invited to parties. Generally one does tend to expose as much of one’s assets as one can therefore, bikinis, short shorts, “T” shirts and flip flops are the order of the day. However it is considered wise to protect your eyes with a good pair of branded sun glasses and your skin with the right type of sun protection.

Whatever you do, do it now, donÂ’t wait until the last minute to spoil the fun with chores. Enjoy your summer it will soon be here!

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