Monday, 13th July 2020

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Who is to blame for violence in Seville?

Who is to blame for violence in Seville?

Spurs believe there was "no fan-to-fan fighting" at any stage in Seville and are to demand an explanation from Spanish police after riot officers clashed with English fans.

It is reported by the papers and the BBC that in an incident, about an hour before the game, Spanish riot police used batons to disperse a group of Tottenham fans at Sevilla's Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan stadium.

Returning Tottenham fans claimed that they had been "indiscriminately" attacked by baton-wielding police dressed in riot gear inside the Sevilla ground. They have also claimed that Spanish police hit a disabled fan. 

They stated that they arrived at the ground to find there were no seat numbers and just a tape separated home and away fans.

The trouble erupted less than half-an-hour into the game, in the enclosure housing the 4,000 Spurs supporters, when some clashed with police. Spanish officers arrested six British fans and the trouble left a further six with injuries, three of which needed hospital treatment. They insisted police aggression ruined what had been a peaceful build-up to the match as fans from both sides drank together and made their way to the ground.

The incident comes just 24 hours after riot police confronted Manchester United fans during their side's Champions League game with Roma at the Stadio Olimpico.

The British government Friday the 6th April, stepped into a brewing row over recent football violence involving English fans in Italy and Spain.


I quite agree with John Reid, the Home Secretary, who questioned the way police in Rome and Seville handled the violent clashes that erupted after separate matches in the two cities this week. 

Have you ever parked in the wrong place and been approached by a Policia Local and talked down to in no uncertain terms? If you have then you will probably recall the sudden surge of blood rushing to your head and your effort to remain calm.

Now put that b…..d in a crowd of excited fans, who have been drinking and making merry in support of their heroes and you see what happens before you have time to batter an eyelid.

I am not speaking of the organized trouble makers we have known in the past and I am not saying that the fans are saints, but you can’t expect a crowd of people excited in anticipation of the game to sit quietly like schoolboys, sipping Coca Cola and whispering “Goal!

If you can’t control a crowd intelligently, then save yourself the trouble of making quick money on football games and ban them all together. Don’t make everyone else pay for your incompetence.

Unfortunately there is very little training given to some police forces these days, many should not even be in the force as they are untrainable.  Yes, by all means they represent the authority, but they are employed by that authority for the sake of protecting and defending the public from harm and not provoke it.

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