Monday, 13th July 2020

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Thistle Test Ye!

Golf quiz presented by: Ian MacLeod M.P.G.T.G.



Presentedby:IanMacLeod M.P.G.T.G.
European Golf Teaching Professional
European Golf Teachers Federation
Professional Golf Teachers Guild

Ball Moved by Opponent. Wrong Ball Played

In match play, an opponent plays the wrong ball
from a bunker and the wrong ball knocks the
player's ball into the hole.
Are any penalties incurred?

The most complete first answer to be drawn
wins a voucher for free ½hour lesson for the
entrant or nominee.
Send the answers by email to
 by the 5th May or by fax to 952893146.


Answer to Mar/Apr edition 81
No. A stroke is "the forward movement of the club....”  A shaft by itself is not a club.

Winner of last month’s competition was: James Marsden of Estepona

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