Tuesday, 14th July 2020
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The eyes have it!

The eyes have it!

Anything goes for party season, so why not resurrect that siren look with a set of falsies?

False eyelashes come in many different styles and densities and applying them is pretty easy once youÂ’ve mastered it.

Basically, there are two types of false eyelashes: Full lashes, which add density to the entire lash line and Individual lashes, which can be used to fill in sparse areas or dramatically open up the eye area.

Full lashes are easier to apply, but don't look as natural, whereas individual lashes require a steadier hand and a bit more practice.
Prepare your eyes first; false eyelashes should be applied after foundation and eye shadow. Draw a steady line right above your lash line with a brown or black eyeliner pencil and blend in, to create a smoky effect. This will help to conceal the lash band. If you want, you can apply a thin coat of mascara to your natural eyelashes before you put on your false lashes, but you will need to let it dry before you continue, as it can be messy.



Dab on a thin line of the lash adhesive to the lash band with a toothpick, then wait a few seconds to allow the glue to become tacky. Press on the lash bands from the inner to the outer corners of your eyes, placing them as close to your own natural lash line as possible. Hold them firmly in place, until they're set. Try to keep it neat, but don't worry if you have a little extra glue showing (It will dry clear) make sure that the lashes match by starting at the outer corners.

After you've applied the false lashes, curl them along with your real lashes. To blend false and natural lashes, apply a deep liquid liner over both. Mascara is not required over false eyelashes, but may be worn on your lower lashes to further highlight your eye. All that remains is to go out there and dazzle!

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